Thursday, July 24, 2008

When Calvin and Hobbes is Your Summer Reading

So Fiona calls from the kitchen, "Mom? Can we go out for pizza tonight?" I say, "Noooo...we aren't going out tonight and I made pizza for lunch." She starts trying to say "So, mom, what you're saying is you'd rather stay home and cook and clean rather than spend a few bucks for dinner?" Only she gets maybe 2 of the words out and starts laughing. She spurts out the rest of the words with considerable effort. I paraphrase here. I know exactly which Calvin and Hobbes strip she is talking about.

She is still laughing.

Here is the strip.


Triana said...

Oh my! Grasshopper has learned a little too well too fast!

(Incidentally my favorite one that my dad cut out and sent to me because it so depicted my life: )

Ellen Aim said...

omg. this is so dangerous.

so hysterical.

I know that particular strip, too.

high-five, sweetie!

Lone Star Ma said...

Too cute.

Veloute said...

Triana, that one is one of my favorites, too, lol!