Thursday, July 24, 2008


So we went to The Main Street Grill for brunch last Sunday. Usually the brunch is an outlet for the students to make cool little delicacies like pork rillette, head cheese, pates, mousses, and salads--not to mention a selection of hot dishes, omelettes and waffles cooked to order, and an ice sculpture. Hopefully, the students get this experience at the campus in Essex their second year, because now the brunch is no longer a buffet, it is a prix fixe menu/a la carte. The menu is perfectly fine (I had a very nice crab and corn cake and a cheese platter) but it's noticeably lacking in the cool funky French preparations. There is still a nice dessert buffet table, however. The kids menu (and the kids eat free in July if you order the prix fixe brunch) is quite simple, however. It's fine if your kids want just a regular breakfast: eggs, pancakes, waffles (i.e. if your child is not my 3 year old Sophia). If your child wants pasta, however, they will make what they have...but you must pay for it. It seemed a little off key considering it was brunch. The total bill from our trip was another reason that this will be a once in a while trip. One nice change is that the brunch is on Saturday now, too, instead of just Sunday.

Taking Sophia somewhere like this is always a risk as she does not want to sit still for long. Anywhere. She is someone who needs to be on the move. Guess who wanted nothing on the menu? (Hence the pasta). And did not eat it? Well, it is the first time we have taken her to The Fancy Brunch.

I do recommend the lemon drop martini.

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Lone Star Ma said...

Sounds divine. My family eats nothing good.