Sunday, February 01, 2009

The Age of Reason

Fiona turns SEVEN today (well, on the 2nd).

Tomorrow we'll assemble the gingerbread house (in lieu of cake--her request) with icing and candy and she'll unwrap her presents. She's bringing almond blueberry muffins for her birthday celebration in class tomorrow. Her requested birthday dinner is sushi rolls (with cucumber, carrot, and crab because she's a vegetarian again except in the case of pork cooked Chinese style) and miso soup. I'll get some more mangoes and frozen mangoes at the store tomorrow because I have this crazy feeling she'll want mango lassi. She just watched Iron Chef and nearly slipped on her pool of drool accumulated from watching them cook pork belly with mango.

Fiona continues to read voraciously. She has had another reading assessment. I would give you the numbers, but they don't really mean anything. For instance, the assessment says that they want children in this grade to read at level four, five, or six. Fiona's level says "30+". I suppose we will learn more at the next parent teacher conference in March. Her writing has always been pretty good, but it has made a dramatic change recently. She has been using lower case letters consistently and suddenly those backwards bs and ds and qs and ps have stopped.

She continues to be extremely social and friendly. She is fascinated with jokes and likes to check out joke books from the library. We went to see Totoro at the Savoy theater in Montpelier (the arty one) where there were tons of small children (you haven't really seen Totoro until you have a theater full of children and parents...great movie for audience participation). Fiona saw this movie ages ago when she was about two years old. She loved it. She would get so excited at certain parts of the movie...especially the scene where Totoro first appears. She doesn't jump up and down in the seat anymore, but it was fun to see it with her again several (!) years later.

Happy birthday, my sweet goblin princess.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Fiona!

SkylersDad said...

Happy Birthday Fiona!!!

Lone Star Ma said...

She sounds amazing! Please tell her Happy Birthday for us.

I want your goblin princess to come meet my goblin princess!

Triana said...

Oh happy birthday, Fiona!!! I wish I could be there to see the gingerbread house cake! And wow, Totoro in the theater, how faboo is that?

7 YEARS? Wait a minute, I'm still only 28, this isn't possible.


Sobo said...

Happy Birthday Fiona! Miss you! Love, Sobo

REB said...

Happy 7th birthday, Fiona. I hope you have a wonderful day. Love, Grandpa.

Ellen Aim said...

Aw!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VERY sweet post.

I totally want to see Totoro in a theatrefull of parents and kids and I can't believe I just said that.

7 years?? But I was just living in Tokyo last year...hmmm....

Veloute said...

She says thank you :)

Where did I get a 7 year old? I had this baby and then...well, it's a bit of a blur.