Monday, February 09, 2009

Asian Bistro

We didn't actually go to Sakura (for miso soup, sushi, and fried ice cream) yesterday, after all (in lieu of a party, I let her pick any restaurant to eat at for lunch or dinner or whatever). We went to Asian Bistro. Yes, the only link I can find for Sakura is a Trip Advisor site. It is so disappointing when restaurants do not have their own web site!

Here is how it all went down. Fiona and I got to Burlington a little early. It was really sunny, but still really cold. We ducked into the mall area on Church Street to see if we could find some clearance sales on winter clothes...she has decided she likes tights now. We'll see. We didn't find tights, but we did for her: a sundress, a pretty skirt, and flip flops. For me: two bikinis. I am not sure what has gotten into me, as I never wear bikinis in public, but they are pretty cute. I couldn't resist. I got an Indian style looking cover-up, too. Decadent.

After a little more poking around, we were both getting a little nauseated with Mall Sickness, and went outside for fresh air. She decided it was time to go home instead of eat (her tummy hurt). I tried to get her a hot chocolate for the ride home, but she announced in the long line that she thought she was going to throw up. We left the line and the store.

She decided right before Williston, that her tummy hurt because she was hungry. So we discovered Asian Bistro. She had a Shirley Temple, miso soup, and roast pork lo mein. I say "had". What I mean is: "ordered". Well, she did have some rice, a few bits of pork, a couple of sips of soup, and the snow peas from my soup. I had tea, chicken and sizzling rice soup (yummy), and a fried scallop and shrimp dish seasoned really nicely with salt and pepper (it was sweet, salty, and peppery--slurp). We could have had the strawberry mochi for dessert, but she wasn't eating, wasn't sitting (wanted to lie down), so we decided to have a dessert rain check and head on home.

Asian Bistro was a nice surprise, though. The Chinese food we can get nearby is just depressing. I'm not talking about A Single Pebble. That's the best in the universe. I'm talking about the shockingly bad stuff in a 30 mile radius from where I live. Asian Bistro is more like 50 miles from us, so unfortunately, it's not a weeknight take away type of place for us. Better for the checkbook, though.

If I get to go back, I'm definitely trying out their scallion pancakes. So far I've never had a restaurant version that I've liked.


Lone Star Ma said...

What a beautiful child. I hope they are both feeling better!

Triana said...

I love this picture! And this Asian Bistro sounds scrumptious. How is it Vermont is just so blessed with faboo food?

Veloute said...

They are all better! :) If you want to visit, better get yer bum up here!

I will miss the food here! I guess I'll have to come back.

I also LOVE this picture of her. She has the most amazing eyes.