Monday, February 02, 2009

So, Let's Talk About Rudy's

I had the pork spare ribs. Oh my god.

I always, always have to have the creamed corn, because it is REAL creamed corn.

The coleslaw is good, too. Very fresh. Here is the menu. Triana had the moist brisket, which is just amazing. They have incredible BBQ sauce to slather over it, as well (I've been in Vermont too long. Every sauce, every salsa I had in Texas seemed so spicy! Alas!). I am pleased to see I can order it online! I can't bring myself to try the "Sissy" sauce, although let's face it, I've become a sissy when it comes to hot food. The turkey is also outstanding. Looking at the menu again, I notice you can click on the yellow stars for nutritional information. Ha! That is precious.

The sausages look good, too. If I can resist the brisket and/or the ribs, maybe I'll try that next time. Maybe I'll just have to go when I'm frantically hungry so I can have both.

Apparently, this location Triana takes me to is THE location (there are several locations). I cannot remember for the life of me where it is, so hopefully she will enlighten us in the comment section :)

Triana! We love barbecue. It needs theme music.


SkylersDad said...

I have heard about Triana's moist brisket, I think from some mens room in a seedy bar, but she, er I mean it, is legendary!

(Oh come on, so nobody else was thinking that?);^)

Triana said...

@baps SkylersDad


This particular Rudy's location is in south Austin off of 360 (just west of Mopac). Who knew it was THE location? Well obviously I did, but I wasn't aware I did.

MMMM....I *love* that place.

Ellen Aim said...

Have not been, hopping in the car RIGHTNOW.

Oh wait, they're not open at midnight? Bastards.

Veloute said...

Hey, we all have pristine clean minds here. This is a family friendly blog! ;) Okay, no? Well, I tried. Heh heh heh.

I'm plotting my return trip.