Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Birthday Festivities

Fiona's birthday dinner. Miso soup (tofu, scallions, red miso), futomaki (egg, cucumber, carrot), and jasmine tea. She may not eat a single vegetable normally, but thankfully she still loves sushi rolls. Nori and all! Bonus: there is even some leftover for her lunch today. Score.

Harriet the Spy! Thank you Auntie Alex!

Hm. A large book. What is this?

OMGZ! All three books of His Dark Materials in ONE BOOK! Fiona loves these stories (she listens to them, as Sophia likes to say, "again and again and again and AGAIN!"). She really wanted the actual books. The Amber Spyglass is perhaps a bit over her head in parts at this time, but she still immensely enjoys the story. Thank you, Auntie Ellen Aim!

Her own Sumi-E kit from Auntie Alex! She is so tickled.

The monstrosity that is the gingerbread house. And, yeah, okay, it looks more like a church with the stained glass windows. She didn't want the people to scale, so leave me be.

It made her happy :)


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, sweet daughter!


Triana said...

YAY!! And how awesome to have all those books in one big book!

Looks like a wonderful celebration. Happy Birthday, Fiona!

alex said...

Yay, looks like an awesome celebration! Happy birthday, Fiona!

(Oh! I meant to include a note-- the brush still has the sizing in... just needs to be rinsed in warm water, maybe a dab of soap. But you probably knew this.) ♥

SkylersDad said...

What a nice celebration, happy birthday again!

Lone Star Ma said...

How wonderful! Happy Birthday to your seven-year-old girl! Such an important age!

Ellen Aim said...

Whoa! It's the newest edition but I didn't realize it was just ONEBIGBOOK! Thought it was a box set! Oh well.