Friday, August 01, 2008


We get this enormous plastic jar of mixed roasted nuts about twice a month at BJ's. BJ's is like Costco with an unfortunate name. Anyway. Sophia loves the nuts, but she rummages through and picks out the ones she likes best. At the end, only the almonds are left. Without the salt.

So she has figured out that she can dump the whole jar in the colander to get a better view of available nuts. I heard her doing it and I came into the kitchen to see her happily picking out Brazil nuts.

I am actually pleased she does these things for herself, but you may want to pass on the roasted nuts if you come to visit unless you like your snacks pre-licked.

I know this post is also a gold mine of puns, but let's not even go there.

Doug's birthday is this Tuesday. I'm making cherry pie per his request but I don't think it's going to be the birthday pie. For one thing, I have here two grocery-store brand cans of "cherry pie filling". I don't think I've ever used pie filling before. It tastes rather bland. I may add some lemon zest and vanilla bean to it.

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Lone Star Ma said...

Sophia sounds wonderful...such built-in entertainment! And her ingenuity!

Happy Birthday to Doug!