Friday, August 08, 2008

Bill Nye

I have been trying to get Bill Nye the Science Guy for Fiona to watch, and guess what? It's not on TV anymore (I have no idea what's on TV anymore) and it's not on DVD. However, one can find full episodes on You Tube (the full episodes seem to be broken up into three parts). How cool is You Tube, anyway?

There is a petition to get the show on DVD or back on TV here. He has a new show called The Eyes of Nye, as well.

Fiona is hooked.

We were going to spend the day outside but thunderstorms drove us back inside. The pouring rain kept us there.


Anonymous said...

THe series is for sale, but costs > $4,000. You can get it for free on YouTube, and there is software out there for ripping videos from that site -- Tubesock and others.

Lone Star Ma said...

I could not find Magic School Bus episodes for sale at any local stores when I was looking at the beginning of summer, but we've been able to find them at the library. The science teacher at my school uses Bill Nye as part of her curriculum.

Veloute said...

Hey, thanks, anonymous. I think we will just watch them on YouTube for now, but that's good to know about Tubesock. I did see that hefty price tag. I laughed.

LSM, I've been able to get used Magic School Bus episodes at thrift stores and, on occasion, from amazon, and yes the library. That's cool your science teacher uses Bill Nye :)