Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Break Out

So last night I'm sitting down to some well earned West Wing (Season 7), when I hear this enormous craaaacccccck! At first I thought it was outside. There were people outside talking and laughing, and I thought, oh, they busted something. Our house also makes all sorts of interesting noises that I can never identify.

However, like the victim in the horror movie, I go to see if I can identify the noise. That's when I hear water.

Gushing water.

I find myself in the girls' playroom (which used to be a dining room) where we keep the very large aquarium. There is a huge crack running horizontally on the front. Our one fish is swimming frantically around. (Anyone remember when we had 6?) Our two crayfish are hiding, as usual.

We have wood floors and if you spill something on them...it goes straight to the basement. The basement which has been dry for the first time in months.

Doug has taken the girls swimming so I frantically grab things to start putting under the waterfalls. I grab every dish towel.

Then they actually get home early because of a thunderstorm, so Doug helps me while we stick the kids in front of the one eyed babysitter. One bucket falls over. It's full, of course. Another bucket is discovered to have its own crack in it.

The drama is over, the aquarium is in the basement, and the fish and crayfish are living in our cooler for now until we can find new homes for them. The floor is very clean and the birds have a lot more room now.

I have no idea why the aquarium spontaneously cracked open. Maybe the crayfish have had enough. Maybe our fish is looking for his dad.


Alex said...

"Maybe our fish is looking for his dad."

*g* Cute.

Man, weird how stuff like that just happens sometimes. Half a tree fell on our bldg at work last week. Sunny day, no big wind. Just... boom. You never know.

Ellen Aim said...

Holy crap!! At least you were home! That totally sucks.

On a completely unrelated note...you're already on season 7?? Rock on!

Veloute said...

That is so weird about the tree. I hope no one was hurt.

Yeah, so glad the aquarium didn't bust while we were on a trip or something. Oy.

West Wing is fairly addictive. If you like that sort of thing. I thought it only had 6 seasons, so this is a nice surprise. Also, that would have been supremely crappy way to end the series.

Lone Star Ma said...

Eek! I'm glad your fish lived!