Friday, August 08, 2008

There's a Chill in the Air

Ellen Aim sent me a copy of The Post-Birthday World, which I have started reading. I'm on chapter two (a clear sign I have children, or I would have just stayed up all night reading it or called off work) right now and already enjoying it. Thanks, El!

It has been extremely cool here--70F. I love late summer/early autumn. We usually get a really great one here (I believe that this is the time of year that the population of tourists outnumbers the people who actually live here). If it doesn't rain the whole time, of course. Now is when we get can get corn from the farm stand that has just been picked, tomatoes (finally), blueberries (Oops! Better get some tomorrow before they are all gone!), and also when mums start appearing on everyone's porch, and the public pool closes (at least this summer we aren't taunted by hot weather before school starts, which can happen). The state fairs start and we will certainly eat our way through those (well, at least one of them). I'm sure there will be pig racing. Fiona starts first grade on the 27th (yes, a Wednesday) and Sophia starts on September 5th. I am hoping to spend Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning tearing off the Wallpaper from Hell while listening to very loud music. Preferably Joan Jett. I'll have to do something to our ancient walls...I don't know if I can just patch them somehow or what. First the wallpaper. Then, paint!

First, of course, I'll have to just sit in the house doing nothing for a couple of weeks to get used to it. This is all assuming dropping Sophia and Fiona off at school goes smoothly.

And then! Then! We have visitors! Sobo is hopefully coming soon, and after that, Triana!! There will be warm, fresh cider doughnuts and apple picking, oh yes. It will be so hard not to go back with them to Denton or Austin, but I will resist. Hopefully, I can visit this winter when it's so bleak here.


Ellen Aim said...

those doughnuts and cider might have be arriving shortly as well!

I'll see what I can do to come up there to bother you guys! Miss you all!

Triana said...

ZOMG! Donuts!!! CIDER! I can't WAIT!


*packs Vel in her suitcase*

Lone Star Ma said...

Again, I am jealous.

Joan Jett rocks.

Veloute said...

I'll fit in a suitcase!

Ellen, you are welcome anytime! And so are you LSM :)

As you have said, LSM, she is the queen of rock and roll.