Monday, August 25, 2008

Champlain Valley Exposition

The celery made me laugh. Upper left corner.

We went to CVE yesterday (hereafter referred to as "the fair"). This is Sobo's first time there, so we had to partake of the mini doughnuts (freshly made on the spot) and the maple cotton candy. We didn't watch the pig races this year, because quite honestly, I did not want to deal with a pooping pig toy this year and Sophia was a bit of a growly bear yesterday, which is so draining. Part of the problem was that it was actually quite hot yesterday and she stubbornly wanted to wear one of her favorite long sleeved dresses. She wouldn't even change her dress at the fair. She got very pink and sweaty.

If you click on the picture, it will be easier to see Fuzzy, Sophia's lovey, who used to be white instead of that interesting gray, sticking out of Doug's pants pocket.

Riding the ponies (okay, I know this one is a donkey, but she insists it's a pony) is Sophia's favorite part of the fair. Fiona loves it, too, but she gets very tense holding on. Note how pink her cheeks are. She can get very, very pink.

Fiona loved the pumpkins.

Root beer float!

Good times.

Tonight is Fiona's school's barbecue where we get to meet her teacher and her classmates. She starts school Wednesday and, thankfully, she is very excited to start.


Triana said...

Fair! Oh how I loved the fair! You guys look like you had fun!

Lone Star Ma said...

Wowza pumpkins!