Monday, August 25, 2008


The firewood came Friday! Very exciting. I was there, but napping (!!!) and Sobo had the girls in the backyard, so she gave them the check I had written. We stacked it up, unsure as to whether it was really two cords or not. Doug decided it was two cords, like we ordered.

But then.

The next day, more firewood showed up.

The wood is totally different and it smells totally different (the first delivery had an aroma of cow manure and wet dog going on--the second smelled like fresh wood). And, yeah, they just dump it and then leave. They don't knock on the door or anything. I was worried that an earlier fizzled-out contact had decided to drop off some wood, but Doug remeasured the earlier wood and it seems the first delivery was only one cord. So we are going to assume that this wood is all from the same place, I suppose. I called to confirm this, but no one has called me back.

We live in a strange place.


Triana said...

lol! I love you just sitting casually with your tea like " a pile of wood here. And?"

Lone Star Ma said...

I find this fascinating.

Ellen Aim said...

So weird. If they did that here, omg. People would get killed.

(Not that anyone goes around ordering 2 cords...I get like, half a cord maybe).