Saturday, August 30, 2008

Dental Star

Sophia did so astonishingly well at the dentist, that instead of just "counting" her teeth, she had an actual cleaning and fluoride treatment AND X-rays! It was surreal...except that she didn't really talk a whole lot to the hygienist and she nodded yes to every question. This time, instead of trying to hold back tears because of my own personal hellish experience with the dentist as a child, I was trying to hold back tears because it was going so well. Look, I'm a sap, okay? I did manage to hold myself together, though.

Anyway, she, incredibly (because getting a toothbrush in her mouth at home is a whole other ball game, let alone floss...I tried not to laugh when they asked me if we floss her teeth), has no decay at all. The only problem is the constant thumb sucking. It's causing a cross-bite and a slight overbite, a narrowing of her upper palate, and a huge gap in her bottom front teeth (people think at first she has already lost a bottom tooth). I'm sure they will introduce us to the orthodontist in about four years (kids seem to go in a lot earlier to the orthodontist than in my day!).

Now for Fiona's nitrous oxide/cavity filling experience on Tuesday. Gulp. I'm actually not going to that. Sobo offered me a Xanax for that, but I'm not sure it's a good idea to combine it with the Lexapro. I had no idea children required so many pharmaceuticals.


Lone Star Ma said...

Yay for Sophia! Good luck with Fiona's experience. I also had a hellish childhood dental experience but Mimosa has been fine, so hopefully Fiona's experience will be easy. Much love!

Triana said...

I love the sunglasses! Awesome!

I say anything to help with ignoring the pain (well within reason, or course) is a good thing. My childhood dentist didn't give me anything and I'm scarred for life. Last time I had a filling filled, I start bawling the moment I sat in the chair. The new helper lady just boggled at me. Yep, me, the walking mess.

Big hugs to Fiona and to you as she goes through it!

Veloute said...

Hi, I'm also a walking mess ;)

You know, after all that paper work and prompting, she didn't need the NO or a shot! It was so not a big deal. The sealants were worse, and those were just uncomfortable. So, again, I worried for nothing. Which is okay. She did brilliantly.

However, the visiting orthodonist says she will probably need a ...spacer? to widen her upper palate in a few years. Always something to look forward to.