Thursday, August 07, 2008

A Dreaded Sunny Day

We have had so much rain that our backyard patio is covered with moss. Note the poor, sodden flat daisies. By the way, you can click on the pictures to make them bigger.

These are pumpkin blossoms. Hopefully, the slugs will leave us one and we'll actually have a pumpkin for fall. We'd prefer at least two, but whatev. Nice weeds, right? I'll get to it. Those dishes are beer slug baits I have emptied out. Every time I put out new ones, it rains and thus pretty much defeats their purpose.

Lots of red bean blossoms and we picked our first bean! Fiona spit her bite out loudly into the grass and Sophia ate the rest of the bean all up and did not want to give any to me (I got a small nibble). She said YUM!

I was cleaning up more than usual today because someone was coming over to look at four of our downstairs windows we'd like to replace. They keep out the cold air about as well as if we'd put up a sheet of cardboard. I look over at Sophia and she's falling asleep at the kitchen table, thumb in mouth. Thankfully, she did not fall out of the chair while I took her picture.

Fiona's dental appointment went well except she does have one small cavity starting on one of her permanent molars. She'll get that filled early September with nitrous oxide and they will put sealants on all of her permanent molars. She's never used nitrous oxide before. I am a little apprehensive because I don't see her really going for it. She had 4 cavities on her baby teeth that we had quickly filled when she was about 3. They gave her Valium then, and that did not work out well at all. It completely backfired. She got enormously pissed off that this dentist was working on her teeth and we were not stopping him---we were, in fact, helping him! Oh, she got sleepy, all right, but Fiona sleepy is not a compliant person. Fiona sleepy is a wild animal. It was very quick, but it felt like an eternity. Obviously, NO and Valium are different things, and she is much older, but I still worry.

Fiona spent her time in the forest surrounding our house, so no pictures of her today. Today she was the elusive forest creature.


Lone Star Ma said...

Yay for Sophia, the sleepy bean queen! I hope the dental work goes well for the forest creature.

Ellen Aim said...

I LOVE that sleepy pic, so cute. And she looks so much like her older sister there!

So glad you are posting regularly, I love your posts!!

Veloute said...

Sophia seems off the beans right now :( Failure! Oh well, I'll eat them.

I love that she can fall asleep anywhere, anytime. And thank you, Ellen :)