Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Well, Sophia seemed fine this morning until she barfed her cereal all over our bed. So Doug and Fiona will go to the dentist and A Single Pebble and I will snuggle Sophia today. At least her fever seems to be gone. She actually seems fine now and keeps asking for more cereal. She refuses soup and crackers, so we're trying grapes.

And there will be chocolate cake this afternoon (perhaps while someone is napping)! Plus, Doug is bringing home food from the restaurant.

We got Doug a new computer monitor for his birthday. It's our first LCD monitor and we love not only the widescreen, but the fact that it does not take up the whole computer desk. Or other monitor was really dark no matter what we did to it, and now we can see all sorts of things in pictures we could not see before. It's great fun.


Lone Star Ma said...

I'm so sorry she's sick and that your plans are messed up. I hope she gets better and you get some good times.

Veloute said...

Sophia was totally fine after the spewing incident, thankfully. Of course, if we had taken her, I'm sure she would have spewed on the dentist or me.